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Integrating a trauma informed approach with the wisdom of nature to support your transformation.

“If everything around seems dark, look again, you may be the light.”
―  Rumi

Working at the confluence of

complex trauma, nature, and soul 

When  we create the conditions to resolve our complex trauma, then we provide the opportunity for a deeper connection to our physical, emotional, and spiritual self. Within this deep connection we can experience the aliveness of our life force energy that resides in the heart. This life force energy can support a greater presence and connection to the mystery of our soul and the embodiment of our soul’s gifts in the world.

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When we create the conditions to resolve our developmental trauma, then we allow ourselves to connect deeper to our hearts.  When we are in a conscious and connected relationship with our hearts, we can feel more alive. By creating this aliveness, we tap into the energy that allows us to embody our most profound soul purpose.

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Seed + Stone
Counseling + Ecotherapy + Soul Work

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