Seed + Stone

Guiding you to spirit + Soul + living in sacred reciprocity with the earth 

Water your seeds + Ground in Like a Stone 

Seed + Stone is dedicated to Service + Depth Transformation + Living in Sacred reciprocity  

You hold the infinite potential energy of germinating seed ready to blossom in your life and work. By grounding like a stone you resource yourself with the power of Gaia.  Water your unique seeds and tap into the deep well that informs, fuels, and sustains your life and work. 

fuel your life with generativity

Workshops and intensives

 Our workshops and intensives take you on a deep journey into the the nature world and transformative realms of consciousness. Together, we will practice skills and methods that provide the opportunityto do in-depth healing and thrive in your life.

Living Myth Interview

Listen to my interview “Living Myth” on the Cunning & Grace podcast hosted by Laura Page.



The seed + stone vision

Sacred Reciprocity.

To enrich the World by transforming ourselves and cultivating a life of Generativity.

Begin your transformative path with the guidance of Seed + Stone.