It takes four seasons to meet a place.
To be taken into the subtleties
that grab
and pull you in
that open you to each mystery
that is the portal of life.

The snow capped mountains in the winter
bring you alive.
The numbness melts into a cool stream
inviting your nakedness to be cleansed,
baptizing this landscape.
Springs forth beauty

cracking your heart wide open
where Mountain Columbines burst forth.
Her seducing fragrance
lulls  you to sleep amongst the Aspen and Fir.
Only to awaken into
the golden path of decay
feeding the depth of your Soul.

We have just met
and, I long for lifetimes together.
to get to know every inch of you.

You bring wildness into the world
walking deer trails
stumbling upon bear dens
knowing intimately the lightning at alpine lakes,
and the valleys carved by glaciers.

You playing with foxes
in wildflower filled meadows
overlooking sawtooth mountains
towering above tree line.

Deep gratitude rings true
for this sacred place
that saved my life, so
I can be dismembered
by the sorrows and grief
I feel for her desecration.