Do you want to experience t
he depth of the world and yourself?
If the answer for you is Yes,
you will surely experience the pain
and sorrow of  everything.

This path will take you to the edge of cliffs
and throw you off.
Below, you will see the reflection
of a stranger in the cool crisp stream.

Bears will tear from your chest
a heart that longs to fall deeply in love
with everything.

Your eyes will go blurry at sunset.
The one of  you
that lives at the bottom of the well
will grab at your ankles
and pull you under.

You will lose everything.
In doing so
you will truly experience
the depth of Heart and Soul.

Do you hear the call in the the twilight
just before dawn?
Will you fall back asleep?
Or, will you step towards the first day
of the rest of your life?