This Holy gift,
which you now hold.
A Name
A Thread
A Vision
Do you feel there sacredness?

This Holy Gift
tended like a seedling
pushing its way through the Earth
into this wild world,

will surely bring it all alive
and, you along with it
this unimaginable potential.

Wander, Apprentice, and Artisan
of its slipperiness.
This sacred seed you hold now
in your mossy hands
greened by your wild journey
can disappear
as nothing had ever happened.

You going on
doing that other way
a fleeting dream
written  in a dusty journal
under unread books.

Not you, we cry
the forest rumbles
under Tahoma’s heart.

You falling deeper.
You with thread.
You at the wellspring.

Coaxing out that deeper way
where your Soul meets the wild World.
Dancing on that wild edge
where ecstasy is found in everything.