Awaken to the dream
inside your wild landscape.
Let the longing do the work.
Feel the way you are pulled apart
into something unrecognizable.

Plant seed of stone in the desert
that grow into the Tree of Life
watered by tears,
and ancestral songs
flowing like a river.

There in the darkness
the canyon
will turn upside down.

Lost and confused
facing your own mortality
the canyon wraps her cloak around you.
Buried alive within her womb
you remember
that desire to tear the World apart.

The snakes hiss
and grab at your ankles,
pulling you even deeper into her depths.
The wings of bats
swarm from the nest, placed upon
the head of the three-horned-one.

Crooking in the the darkness
the chants of the frogs
beckon you
to the dance on wild edges.

There at dark water’s edge
looking down into the cosmos
the World comes alive,
and you remember being dreamed
by this sacred place.

Stripped away by her beauty,
vulnerable and naked,
the canyon seduces you
with her song
and, you melt into her.

Listen for what you cannot hear.
Look for what you cannot see.
Feel for emotions you do not know.

you wander toward the source.
He who makes the story
starts to fall away.

Death acts as she is your friend,
and your body fills with joy and reverence
for this place.

Look through the eyes of toad.
Staring back
you fall into the bottomless oasis
of your Soul.
There you will see
the churning and bubbling chaos.

Wait and listen.
Something begins to arise from the depths
heart songs,
followed by the roar of mother bear,
her fierceness rumbles
the canyon walls.

The stars are out now.
Sitting there, you wait on the edge
of life’s the next threshold.