Seed + Stone Services

Embody your innate wholeness, vitality, and potential.


One-on-one sessions provide you with a confidential, validating, and compassionate conversation combined with proactive guiding, so we work together to identify the root causes of any issues with a solution-focused mindset.

You can use this session to gain more knowledge about your blocks and potential as a leader, how to water your unique seeds of service, cultivate a sacred reciprocal relationship, clarify your goals, bring up and process specific matters you wish to work through, set your intentions, ask questions and gather resources to move forward with your inner life and sacred service work.



Curious about enriching your inner life and prospering as a leader in service to a sacred cause, cultivating a mystical relationship with nature and how to take the next steps to move forward with depth transformational experiences.

  • Experienced as a leader and with inner work?
  • Are you looking to know how to explore depth transformational experience as they relate to a life of meaning and purpose?
  • Do you want to increase your understanding of synchronicity and how these experiences are guiding your life?
  • Are you ready to deepen the journey inward, sustain healing effects, and take your work to a higher frequency?

I am ready to support your journey with life and sacred service.

Suggested Rate: $75 – $120 per hour (Sliding Scale)

Duration: One Hour

Individual Soul Work Sessions

A compassionate and experienced guide supporting you through a process of:

• understanding who you are to better support a deep + expansive process of self-discovery
• learn how to build a relationship with nature that supports your leadership, service, and transformation
• support your relationship with nature, body, psyche, community, soul, and spirit to enhance your life and work
• develop autonomy and empowerment
• take charge of your transformation and healing

Suggested Rate: $75 – $120 per hour (Sliding Scale)

Duration: One Hour

Nature-Based Soul Work Sessions

Nature-based Soul Work is advanced self-growth work, ideal for individuals with previous psychotherapy or ecotherapy experience. Sessions are designed to take you further into your process of healing to deepen your mystical relationship with nature.  Nature-based Soul Work is not psychotherapy, but rather, a process of deep self-discovery, one that embraces healing and the embodiment of your unique soul gifts.  

Nature-based soul-centric healing is much more than managing symptoms and feeling better so as to get back to your daily life. The process of healing is a portal into the divine nature that resides at the core of your being. When you go through the process of discovering and embodying your innate wholeness, you become resourced enough to walk into the depths of the alchemical transformation of the soul. You will cultivate the internal resilience, wisdom, emotional capacity, and imagination that leads to a life of deep meaning and soulful purpose.



• A deeper understanding of your authentic Self,
• A stronger and healthier relationship with nature, body, psyche, community, soul, and spirt
• More personal autonomy and empowerment
• Becoming non-dependent on substances
• transformation and healing
• Feeling more grounded
• Improve the nervous system functioning
• Clearer state of mind
• Feeling more rooted in your wholeness and soul’s purpose
• Feeling more grounded in the participatory relationship with Gaia

Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours.

Location: All sessions held in a safe, internet, and private location on the land in a wild setting.
Frequency: It depends on the client’s needs. Some require only one session to experience lasting relief. Others request additional sessions.
Suggested Rate: $150 – $210 per session (Sliding Scale)

Virtual 1-on-1 Healing Journeys

These guided journeys integrate methods of mindfulness and guided imagery that take you deep into realms of consciousness, providing the opportunity to do in-depth healing and thrive in your life.

With my support and guidance, you have space in these sessions to set a personal intention and get clear on the specifics of what you need most right now.

  • Get energized, focused, and clear
  • Gain deeper insight into your personal mission and purpose
  • Connect to your soul and deep essence
  • Shift your relationship with difficult emotions and feelings
  • Cultivate the internal resiliency and aspects of Self that will help you thrive right now.

My work is rooted in over seven years of experience with navigating consciousness-expanding experiences. This approach has proven to support my clients with becoming more grounded, clear, and focused on manifesting their deepest purpose.

Suggested Rate: $75 – $120 per hour (Sliding Scale)


Mindfulness Healing Journeys

Mindfulness Healing Journeys are an intentional and ceremonialexperience that is designed to help a person cultivate self-awareness. These journeys allow us to release tension and trauma in the body. To increase efficiency and effectiveness a trained guide offers reflection and support before, during, and after the journey.

A Stone Seed is the unimaginable potential that is waiting to be planted in the center of our relationships, work, and your everyday life. What are your unique and particular Seeds + Stones?