Surrender deeply into the well.
This is a sacred act
be mindful of each stone
as you pass deeper.

Dissolve into the conversation
bursting through the mist
into this expansive place
where you have the courage
to be seen in a new way.

There,  you will remember how to pray
like the alligator Junipers
rooted deeply into the Earth
growing up toward spirit
this ancient wisdom of the trees.

Drink the medicine
of your soul
inviting your voice to be sung
like a seedling
bursting through the soil.
This is the songline
shaping your life.

Allow yourself to fall
deeply into the well.
Surrender to that sacred act.

This is the place, the well
its stones positioned in the Earth
like the mysteries of your life,
where you sing and dance
your gifts into the world.

You are this soulful wellspring
that brings the World alive.