Joseph Paul McCaffrey 

 MS Counseling with a specialization in Clinical Mental Health Counseling 
Concentration in Ecopsychology  

 M.A. in Educational Psychology 

 I believe in living a soul-directed life of meaning, purpose, and creative expression. I blend ecopsychology, spirituality, mindfulness, somatic work, and internal parts work methods as a way to support you in the process of healing, deep self-knowing, and growing whole with nature. I provide practical tools so that you can more fully embody your innate wholeness, vitality, and potential. 

I have developed, managed, and implemented Ecotherapy programs and processes for groups and individuals in community mental health and addiction recovery for over five years. I also work as an Ecotherapy Consultant at Defining Wellness Center, a luxury addiction recovery center in Mississippi. 

I have trained at Animas Valley Institute for over seven years implementing nature-based Soul work experiences in wild settings throughout North America. I hold an MS in Counseling with a specialization in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a Concentration in Ecopsychology from Prescott College and a MA in Educational Psychology from the University of Colorado, Denver. 

It would be my honor and privilege to guide you along your own unique path of healing and Soul encounter. 



my journey

My healing journey is an opportunity to go deeper into my own divine beauty.  The journey has not come without fear, terror, and adversity.  Early on, I often found myself lost in wounds and hijacked by protective strategies such as addiction, anger, and self-criticism, all which kept me safe and small.  I stood on the edge of tremendous fear when my physical health wavered. Only to discover that my physical illness was a manifestation of my deeper psycho-spiritual condition. When I shifted deeply my psycho-spiritual condition I was able to shift my physical body as well as my psyche. The negative patterns that held strong throughout my early life dissolved during my alchemical journey to Soul encounter. My ego strengthened and became in service to Soul and Mystery. I discovered my own unimaginable potential, a lifelong process that continues to unfold. I’ve become an agent to something deeper in the world and within myself.

My relationship to my parenting, work, and friendships have drastically changed, and I hold the intention that each day is an act of prayer and meditation. That there is a bigger conversation happening between the depth of the world and of myself.  It is through this conversation that I find meaning, purpose, and joy in my life.

My healing journey has not been about managing symptoms or feeling better to get back to the status quo.  Rather, it has been initiatory process that awakened me to my own poetic story and its place within the larger story of the Earth and Cosmos.

 My journey cannot be done without the support of soul initiated guides and teachers, which is why I have dedicated my own life to the craft and artistry of guiding others along their own journey. My work is not a job, rather, a devotion to the deeper calling of soul-centric healing and service to all life.

For the last decade, I have wandered through the inner and outer wilderness learning of the deeper conversational dance of life where the longing of the World is in conversation with my Soul. This conversational dance has coaxed out of me the poet, story teller, guide, and other unique gifts.

 My passions lie in the enchantments of the natural world and guiding you in cultivating a deep self-knowing that supports the wisdom of your Soul in its entirety. I believe in living a soul-directed life of mystery, longing, love, and creative expression. I have a deep love of the animate natural world, eco-deep psychology, movement, mindfulness, ceremony, and rites of passage, which I will use to support you in the process of healing and deep self-discovery.

I surrender myself to the deeper mysteries of our existence, walking the path as guide and student. In this way, I can facilitate you in a journey of depth and longing, not alone, but as an agent of Soul, Mystery, and the Earth’s intelligence.

I will provide you with practical tools that I gathered along my journey so that you can more fully embody your innate wholeness, vitality, and unimaginable potential.

Let me guide you on a journey to the wild edges of your longing.

It would be my honor and privilege to guide you along your own unique path to Mystery and Soul.