So many have gone deaf to the voices of the earth. No longer listening to the way the deer teach us to walk softly on the earth. No longer hearing the hawk calling us into adventure, a journey inward to our place in the world. No longer do we hear the teachings of the trees, wind, or rivers. Nor, do we listen to the voices of the ancient ones calling out from the shadows, and reminding us how to root deeply into the soil that will nurture the unfolding soul. Are you listening? Is your heart open to the songs of the landscape pulling you into wild places? There is a concert of voices swirling around you, waiting to be heard. It is time to become lifelong apprentice to the voice of the trees, birds, animals, and landscape.

I have encountered my own unique conversation through my apprenticeship to Wild Earth, which has come through in poetic words. My voice and words are inspired by the Beloved, Mystery, Soul, and the Wild World. May these poetic words infuse you with love, longing, and inspire you to a deeper calling.

seeds and stone

Awaken to the dream
inside your wild landscape.
Let the longing do the work.
Feel the way you are pulled apart
into something unrecognizable.

Plant seed of stone in the desert
that grow into the Tree of Life
watered by tears,
and ancestral songs
flowing like a river.

There in the darkness
the canyon
will turn upside down.

Lost and confused
facing your own mortality
the canyon wraps her cloak around you.
Buried alive within her womb
you remember
that desire to tear the World apart.

The snakes hiss
and grab at your ankles,
pulling you even deeper into her depths.
The wings of bats
swarm from the nest, placed upon
the head of the three-horned-one.

Crooking in the the darkness
the chants of the frogs
beckon you
to the dance on wild edges.

There at dark water’s edge
looking down into the cosmos
the World comes alive,
and you remember being dreamed
by this sacred place.

Stripped away by her beauty,
vulnerable and naked,
the canyon seduces you
with her song
and, you melt into her.

Listen for what you cannot hear.
Look for what you cannot see.
Feel for emotions you do not know.

you wander toward the source.
He who makes the story
starts to fall away.

Death acts as she is your friend,
and your body fills with joy and reverence
for this place.

Look through the eyes of toad.
Staring back
you fall into the bottomless oasis
of your Soul.
There you will see
the churning and bubbling chaos.

Wait and listen.
Something begins to arise from the depths
heart songs,
followed by the roar of mother bear,
her fierceness rumbles
the canyon walls.

The stars are out now.
Sitting there, you wait on the edge
of life’s the next threshold.


Earth is Mother
holding and nurturing
even the darkest unraveling heart.

Unveil yourself to her.
She is waiting to heal and renew
the deepest wounds.

Your fear is not alone.
Each step you take
spirals you inward to your beauty.

Stand in the softness of the rock
draped in prayers
and, unlived stories casted away.

Surrender to the deeper calling
that trembles at the core,
untouched by influence and wounding.
Deep wisdom.

Listen to the wind
that cuts through the noise
calling you home.

Feel the pull of the Earth
wrap herself around you
with invitations of Mercy and Grace.

beloved’s alter

Your flow takes me
to the bloodstained altar
on the edge.

One dance with you
ignites the fire
at the core of my longing.
Snakes slither up my spine
seducing the erotic sensual place
in my depths.

The portals
at the root of the alligator juniper

There she pierces my heart
with one glance
of her deep flowing eyes.
any last trace of distorted desire.
So that I may plant the stone seeds
in the most dangerous of places.
Fully exposed
naked in the madness of the river
in full body delight


Wander into the poem
that is shaping your life.
Each step across the forest floor
makes clear the path,
only for a moment
before it like you
becomes lost once more.

The path itself is a poem.
At first you follow old deer trails
waiting to be read for the first time
leading you to undiscovered streams
carving canyons.

The Old One is taken down stream.
You are now alone in the wilderness
with only the poem lines
that you can speak.

Each word recited
twists the old oak tree
spiraling you
into unrecognizable shapes.

a unrest heart

The wandering edge of the moon
slays you during your slumber.
Lying beneath the tops of trees
unrest stirs in your heart.

The ancient ones
call out from the shadows below.
And, the thin black rope
tied to your navel, tightens
as the earth opens and pulls you in.

Thunder fills the sky with rumbles,
lightning strikes the old dead tree.
Flames are taking over now,
and death waits patiently
for your surrender.

There is nothing left
in your house for remembering
those ways no longer offer hope
The old warm voice calls you:
“Come back to bed and lay with me.”

The truth is
you can no longer help yourself
from dancing with those gray silhouettes
casting themselves upon you
under the new moon’s starry night.

It is time now
to fall back into the river,
where it all began.
There you will drown for the first time
all over again.

stepping out on the river’s edge
surrounded by ashes
your navel is now your guide.

Earth trembles
into the cracks of your toes.
The truth is told
sky agrees in raven’s black mouth.

It is time
to live from the place under.
You have always known, there
to be your home.

God’s seat among mortal peasants.
A deeper knowing of the Soul.
A fuller becoming
into the mist at sunset.

oh beloved

Oh Beloved
You unveil mysteries
in Aspen Groves,
Sage drenched canyons,
and on blood stained altars.

Your skin arouses every cell
draped over mine.
Your hair
flowing through my heart
touches deep the fear
just out of sight
in the shadows of moonlight.

Your eyes run deep
a depth I long for.
To know you
is to know the divine in everything.

Oh Beloved
my heart is filled,
and my Soul dances on wild edges.
Every time, I am here
in your trembling presence.

walking lightly

Walking lightly upon the Earth
senses roaring with beauty
surrounding us.

Our feet absorb
the energy of life.
The wind tickles our back
with twitching eyes.
The lullaby of the forest.

Fallen autumn leaves
shower this temple
with peace and love.

Our friend, Ponderosa
glistens the sun off her
fragile needles.

Our hearts burst wide open.
Fairies dance
in the radiant sunlight.

Walking and wondering
the forest knows
my pain and yearnings.
To fall
is to melt away
with the evening sun.

A vision:
The wind roars through the forest
Responding to my longings.
Searching for the humble courage
to feel everything
through every cell in your  body.

alligator juniper

Two thousand year old
splitting in two
a mirror image of what once was.
Growing into wholeness
stretching for sky.
Fading away,
Falling back to Earth
Your branches beaming with

sensuality alive

Feel the sensuality of it all.
Slow down.
Don’t just walk
make love with flowers and grasses
as your feet dance
upon the Earth.

There really is infinity in every second.
Get lost in the expansiveness
of the present moment.

Feel  yourself alive,
and remember
who you really are.

This is the dream
that brings you awake.
This is the dream
that brings you wake

heart and soul

Do you want to experience t
he depth of the world and yourself?
If the answer for you is Yes,
you will surely experience the pain
and sorrow of  everything.

This path will take you to the edge of cliffs
and throw you off.
Below, you will see the reflection
of a stranger in the cool crisp stream.

Bears will tear from your chest
a heart that longs to fall deeply in love
with everything.

Your eyes will go blurry at sunset.
The one of  you
that lives at the bottom of the well
will grab at your ankles
and pull you under.

You will lose everything.
In doing so
you will truly experience
the depth of Heart and Soul.

Do you hear the call in the the twilight
just before dawn?
Will you fall back asleep?
Or, will you step towards the first day
of the rest of your life?

coming home

It takes four seasons to meet a place.
To be taken into the subtleties
that grab
and pull you in
that open you to each mystery
that is the portal of life.

The snow capped mountains in the winter
bring you alive.
The numbness melts into a cool stream
inviting your nakedness to be cleansed,
baptizing this landscape.
Springs forth beauty

cracking your heart wide open
where Mountain Columbines burst forth.
Her seducing fragrance
lulls  you to sleep amongst the Aspen and Fir.
Only to awaken into
the golden path of decay
feeding the depth of your Soul.

We have just met
and, I long for lifetimes together.
to get to know every inch of you.

You bring wildness into the world
walking deer trails
stumbling upon bear dens
knowing intimately the lightning at alpine lakes,
and the valleys carved by glaciers.

You playing with foxes
in wildflower filled meadows
overlooking sawtooth mountains
towering above tree line.

Deep gratitude rings true
for this sacred place
that saved my life, so
I can be dismembered
by the sorrows and grief
I feel for her desecration.

sage canyon

Your wildness expressed
crushes my heart
cracking me wide open.

You awaken something
dangerous inside me
and, my soul sings.

Longing to be ravished
by every inch of you.
To feel you take me into the place
of tears and ecstasy.

awakening in the morning light
naked amongst the wildflowers
tired, hungry, thirsty
from a night of ecstatic discovery.

Two souls dancing
with the pulsing cosmos
Under a coyote howling moon.

The river I long to taste.

stand here

Stand here
where the scare was left.

Sing and dance wildly.
Story your truth into the world,
flowing through your mouth like a river,
this ancestral song.

You have made this place
your home.

The Earth is not  for you to own.
Drink from her breast.
Feed with her children.
the Earth is speaking.
Do you remember who you are?

Your voice carries her song
and, with it your own.

holy gift

This Holy gift,
which you now hold.
A Name
A Thread
A Vision
Do you feel there sacredness?

This Holy Gift
tended like a seedling
pushing its way through the Earth
into this wild world,

will surely bring it all alive
and, you along with it
this unimaginable potential.

Wander, Apprentice, and Artisan
of its slipperiness.
This sacred seed you hold now
in your mossy hands
greened by your wild journey
can disappear
as nothing had ever happened.

You going on
doing that other way
a fleeting dream
written  in a dusty journal
under unread books.

Not you, we cry
the forest rumbles
under Tahoma’s heart.

You falling deeper.
You with thread.
You at the wellspring.

Coaxing out that deeper way
where your Soul meets the wild World.
Dancing on that wild edge
where ecstasy is found in everything.

longing tree

It is often hard
to see through the thicket
that blankets the canyon floor.
Yet, flowing just beneath the surface
is the source of life.

The shimmering leaves of the Oak Tree
dance with the wind and light.
The roots of the Alligator Juniper tap down,
way below the surface.

And, you tremble
at what is being asked.

Although, your view is blocked
desiring vast and panoramic landscapes.
Your longing pulls you back and down
to the source of everything.

Inviting you to step foolishly
into the hollow tree
that stands just beyond the edge
where light becomes darkness,
and the darkness becomes light.

the grief of the earth

I lost my voice screaming
the grief, anger, and despair
of the this sacred place.

I have witnessed
the death of the alligator junipers,
Pinyon pines, and oak trees.
The destruction of the ancestors,
their quiet voice silenced.

I have felt the tears in the morning
falling from the ones left standing.
This woven song composed
by our greed and ignorance
calls us now to listen
to the unspoken words of Soul.

The World is inviting you
to speak your voice into the conversation
the one that is suppressed in all of us.

To stand together and sing
a new song of praise
that will transcend this holy land
and our hearts along with it.


Surrender deeply into the well.
This is a sacred act
be mindful of each stone
as you pass deeper.

Dissolve into the conversation
bursting through the mist
into this expansive place
where you have the courage
to be seen in a new way.

There,  you will remember how to pray
like the alligator Junipers
rooted deeply into the Earth
growing up toward spirit
this ancient wisdom of the trees.

Drink the medicine
of your soul
inviting your voice to be sung
like a seedling
bursting through the soil.
This is the songline
shaping your life.

Allow yourself to fall
deeply into the well.
Surrender to that sacred act.

This is the place, the well
its stones positioned in the Earth
like the mysteries of your life,
where you sing and dance
your gifts into the world.

You are this soulful wellspring
that brings the World alive.


I came trembling
the first time we meet.
Across the sacred snow covered desert
sagebrush, red rocks, and vast skies.

Your bitter kiss filled me
with ecstatic love,
an encounter with true romance.

Holding my hand
through the valley of darkness
shining fresh light
on this dark cloak
wrapped around me
with warmth and weight
woven by grief and praise
of ancestors and Earth.

Only in the darkness
can I see you.
Penetrating my DNA
signing that beautiful song.
We becoming Earth together
when I die.