Seed + Stone

Counseling + Ecotherapy + Soul Work

Embody your innate wholeness, vitality, and potential.


One-on-one sessions provide you with a confidential and compassionate inquiry-based conversation combined with proactive therapy, counseling, and guiding.

You can use this session to gain more knowledge and clarity about what you really what in your life and  bring to resolution what is getting in the way of positive change, bring up and process specific matters you wish to work through, set your intentions, ask questions, and gather resources to move forward with your inner life and healing journey.


Are seeking a therapeutic journey of inquiry, healing, transformation?

The process of therapy can be challenging as well as an opportunity for clarity, agency, and change. Together, we will work to identify what you deeply want for yourself and bring to resolution what gets in the way of embodying and manifesting this change.

My approach blends ecotherapy, spirituality, mindfulness, somatic work, aspects of IFS, and The NeuroAffective Relational Model (NARM) to support you in the process of healing and deep self-knowing. I provide practical tools so that you can more fully embody your innate wholeness, vitality, and potential. 

    This approach is especially valuable for individuals:

    • Wanting to cultivate a life meaning and purpose
    • Who find themselves in a difficult life transition
    • Unclear of what’s next in life
    • Overwhelmed, confused, anxious, isolated, and/or depressed
    • Emotionally and spirituality stifled
    • Long for a deeper understanding who you are to better support a deep + expansive process of self-discovery
    • Wanting to develop autonomy and empowerment
    • Wanting to resolve complex and developmental trauma

    Rate: $105 – $120 per hour (Sliding Scale)
    Instance Accepted: Contact for more information

    Location: In office

    Duration: One Hour

    Nature-Based Soul Work Sessions

    Nature-based Soul Work is advanced self-growth work, ideal for individuals with previous nature-based self growth experience. Sessions are designed to take you further into your process of healing to deepen your mystical relationship with nature.  Nature-based Soul Work is not psychotherapy, but rather, a process of deep self-discovery, one that embraces healing and the embodiment of your unique soul gifts.  

    Nature-based soul-centric healing is much more than managing symptoms and feeling better so as to get back to your daily life. The process of healing is a portal into the divine nature that resides at the core of your being. When you go through the process of discovering and embodying your innate wholeness, you become resourced enough to walk into the depths of the alchemical transformation of the soul. You will cultivate the internal resilience, wisdom, emotional capacity, and imagination that leads to a life of deep meaning and soulful purpose.



    • A deeper understanding of your authentic Self,
    • A stronger and healthier relationship with nature, body, psyche, community, soul, and spirt
    • More personal autonomy and empowerment
    • Becoming non-dependent on substances
    • transformation and healing
    • Feeling more grounded
    • Improve the nervous system functioning
    • Clearer state of mind
    • Feeling more rooted in your wholeness and soul’s purpose
    • Feeling more grounded in the participatory relationship with Gaia

    Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours.

    Location: All sessions held in a safe, internet, and private location on the land in a wild setting.

    Frequency: It depends on the client’s needs. Some require only one session to experience lasting relief. Others request additional sessions.
    Rate: $200 – $250 per session (Sliding Scale)


    This therapeutic approach will help you regulate your body, mind, and emotions.

    Ecotherapy can open the door way to shift old patterns as well as supporting you with cultivating the internal resources to create a life where you have the opportunity to thrive.  Together, with the nature world we will create a safe space to set a personal intention and deepen into the healing powers of nature. 


    Ecothreapy sessions provide you with the opportunity to:
    • Get energized, focused, and clear
    • Gain a deeper insight into your personal mission and purpose
    • Connect to your soul and inner healer 
    • Shift your relationship with difficult emotions and feelings
    • Cultivate the internal resiliency and aspects of Self that will help you thrive right now.

    This work is rooted in over seven years of experience of training and guiding in the area of ecopsychology. This approach has proven to support my clients with becoming more grounded, clear, and focused on manifesting their deepest purpose.

    Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours.

    Location: All sessions held in a safe and private location on the land in a wild setting.
    Frequency: It depends on the client’s needs. Some require only one session to experience lasting relief. Others request additional sessions.
    Rate: $200 – $250 per session (Sliding Scale)


    Seed + Stone Counseling + Ecotherapy + Soul Work

     What are you most longing for?