Seed + Stone Private sessions

Embody your innate wholeness, vitality, and potential.


Seed + Stone’s private sessions

offers COMPASSIONATE and nurturing innovative and alternative healing journeys 




All private sessions include combined deep self-discovery practices with deep imagery, ceremony, movement, dream work, poetry, and/or nature-based soul exercises. The sessions are co-designed to best meet the goals and needs of your unique path.


Nature-based Soul Work: SESSIONS ON THE LAND


Are you longing to tap into the wisdom of your soul and the wild world to enrich your life? 


This approach is especially valuable for individuals:


       Wanting to cultivate a life meaning and purpose


               Who find themselves in a difficult life transition


Overwhelmed, confused, anxious, isolated, and/or depressed


        Emotionally and spirituality stifled


             Desiring to engage in more fulling life’s work


                  Interested in living a soul-directed life


Sessions take place outdoors in wild places. Specific locations may vary from session to session and clients are always welcome to suggest a location where they feel called to work. 


PHONE + virtual sessions


Private sessions are also offered via phone or Skype or Zoom. These sessions are tailored to the goals of your specific path.  At the end of each session, I will provide you individually tailored experiential practices to deepen your specific process between sessions.




half-hour Consultations


Half-hour consultations are designed to support you with a proper investigation of your this work and your unique journey. 


These sessions will support and give you the practical tools to embody your vitality and full potential.

To get started reach out, we will provide a free consultation + answer any questions you may have.

Helping + Healing

Professional Development Mentoring is designed to support your particular goals and needs, and can include:

  • Renewing yourself and Creating a more enriching practice that works for you
  • Bringing Ecotherapy into your private practice.
  • Developing a practice where you will Thrive.
  • Learning how The Three concentric Rings of Nature Connection TM  will support your clients through this Journey of transformation.
  • Learning practices that facilitate your clients in an intimate dialogue with nature for growth, healing, and renewal.
  • Learning how to be in right relationship with nature as you develop your own eco-therapy practice.
  • Cultivating and nurturing your own connection with the animate natural world so that your work with your clients comes from a place of in your strength, confidence, and clarity.
  • Receiving tools to cultivate wholeness within yourself and your practice and bring nature into all areas of your work.


Personal Householder Mentoring will bring enriching support and guidance to your unique journey and will facilitate you in a process of:

  • Cultivating nature-based soulcentric practices that you can realistically weave into your daily life, which will deepen your commitment to Soul and Mystery.
  • Balancing the responsibilities of work, friendships, partnership, parenting, financially providing with a strong devotion to your depth spiritual practice.
  • Reclaiming and integrating devotion, faith, and prayer into the spiritual practice called “Life.”
  • Living each day as a ceremony by consciously embodying and enacting conversations with spontaneity, instinct, creativity, and deeply inhabited meaning.
  • Engaging the hidden dimensions of the world by cultivating living depth spiritual practice in every aspect of your life.
  • Becoming more aware of the essential bridge between the visible concrete world and the invisible and more subtle world.


Personal Mentoring will support your specific journey, and can include:

  • Resourcing you in living a more soulful and fulfilling life.
  • Bringing you up close to the choices you have been making that have kept you from moving forward.
  • Looking honestly and openly at the effects of stress in your life.
  • Deconstructing the struggle and feeling the fears and the social pressures that are driving your decisions and actions.
  • Recognizing the physical symptoms of stress and burnout in your life.
  • Moving you beyond overwhelm and confusion into a resourced and fulfilled landscape.


Personal leadership mentoring will provide you with practical skills, facilitate deep self-inquiry and connection, and will enhance your leadership with greater resiliency.

  • Becoming a soul directed leader.
  • Overcoming the inevitable loneliness of life at the top by connecting and mindfully attending to the unconscious sharing that undergirds every relationship.
  • Manifesting your work as the expression of our natural gifts intersecting with the needs of the world.
  • Finding the opportunity for joy, excitement, beauty, and growth within the wild roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship.
  • Re-fueling your passion for your work.
  • Learning to lead from vulnerability and strength.
  •  Cultivating contextual intelligence and self-awareness.
  • Becoming conscious of how to effectively wield power with, rather than power over.
  • Engage in more fulling life’s work


A Stone Seed is the unimaginable potential that is waiting to be planted in the center of our relationships, work, and your everyday life. What are your unique and particular Seeds + Stones?