professional ecotherapy training

receive skills + knowledge while being revitalized

Are you called to work with nature to facilitate a deeper process of healing for your clients?

As mental health practitioners, we use our training to support clients in feeling better, and we now know that we can also access nature as an intervention for healing. Today, research is showing us that spending only a half hour day in nature will lower concentrations of cortisol, lower pulse rate, lower blood pressure, increase parasympathetic nerve activity, and lower sympathetic nerve activity compared with city settings. Nature has also been proven to lower stress and symptoms of depression as well as improve a person’s overall mood.

More and more people are getting on the bandwagon and finding out that nature really works as a modality for healing. Many of our colleagues – counselors, psychologist, and psychiatric doctors –  have been asking questions about how they can integrate eco-therapy into their practice. Others share stories of the benefits of taking their clients out for a walk and want the training to better integrate nature as an intervention into their practice. Why? Because nature makes us physically and emotionally healthier.

This series of Professional Ecotherapy trainings will support you in replenishing yourself + grow your work in a meaningful way.

Continuing Educations Credits are available for these trainings!

Professional Training that will Transform Your Life + Practice

Throughout the series of these professional ecotherapy trainings, you will gain the confidence and skills to work in effective and practical ways in nature. You will feel the deep joy and confidence of having the beauty and power of Nature around you and within you to transform your practice and your clients’ lives. You will learn how to take your clients on an experiential and transformational journey through the Three Concentric Rings of Nature Connection ™.

What to Expect from the Series

  • A supportive and like-minded group of professionals coming together and a learning community.
  • Create the Ecotherapy format and practices that work for you and your clients.
  • Learn how to guide your clients recognizing and consciously cultivating their Four Facets of the Self.
  • Create your own nature-based treatment plans and apply them with confidence.
  • Learn the practices and principles of Wild Mind™ and Soulcraft™ so that you can lead individual and group Ecotherapy sessions.
  • Learn how to use this eco-depth model with Nature and discover how powerfully different it is than traditional therapies.
  • Learn the foundations of Depths Psychology, Gestalt therapy, Archetypal Psychology, and Ecopsychology.
  • Participate in a vital and supportive community of professional peers.

training options

There are four trainings to choose from or if you sign up for all of them at once you get added bonuses + perks.

A Stone Seed is the unimaginable potential that is waiting to be planted in the center of our relationships, work, and your everyday life. What are your unique and particular Seeds + Stones?