So many have gone deaf to the voices of the earth. No longer listening to the way the deer teach us to walk softly on the earth. No longer hearing the hawk calling us into adventure, a journey inward to our place in the world. No longer do we hear the teachings of the trees, wind, or rivers. Nor, do we listen to the voices of the ancient ones calling out from the shadows, and reminding us how to root deeply into the soil that will nurture the unfolding soul. Are you listening? Is your heart open to the songs of the landscape pulling you into wild places? There is a concert of voices swirling around you, waiting to be heard. It is time to become lifelong apprentice to the voice of the trees, birds, animals, and landscape.

I have encountered my own unique conversation through my apprenticeship to Wild Earth, which has come through in poetic words. My voice and words are inspired by the Beloved, Mystery, Soul, and the Wild World. May these poetic words infuse you with love, longing, and inspire you to a deeper calling.

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